About RIOT

RIOT is a Swedish national research Centre on Resilient Internet of Things. The centre is financed by the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB) to promote long term research and competence in securing systems on which societal functions depend.

RIOT builds on three pillars: disciplinary research to develop new types of algorithms to strengthen the resilience of IoT, systems research to understand the complex technical tradeoffs to actually develop working prototypes, and interdisciplinary activities as many problems need to be discussed in a larger context in society to lead towards broad societal impact.

We focus on two complimentary aspects to add resilience to the network as a whole. (1) Fundamentally, the IoT is about data collection that should be as correct as possible. (2) Devices need to have better attack protection, but neighborhoods should cooperate to mitigate attacks.

See the RIOT fact sheets on MSB:s web pages (Swedish | English)